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AdzZoo LLC founders Kevin and Scott Anderton launched this company in early 2010, bringing in Don Rutt who is currently CEO. Don’s background is in building the largest Lincoln Mercury car dealership in the world from small beginnings, and the Andertons’ background is in founding the first prepaid phone card company, Anderton Communications Marketing, Inc. with 50 employees, 25,000 sales consultants and $22 million annual sales. They later purchased $300 million in viaticals – buying life insurance policies from aged individuals at a discount and holding to collect full payout at their demise. Is their current offering worth your money and time?

There is no question that small businesses benefit from exposure to online marketing as customers move from old media – phone books, coupon books, and fliers, to computer searches and smart phones.

AdzZoo LLC is organized as a binary compensation plan multilevel distribution company. Your cost will depend on the population in your area. Campaign director commissions run approximately 40%, and they pay $299.95 to join the company and $14.95 per month.

AdzZoo LLC Pricing

As a general guide, in a population of 442,000, a 3 month campaign agreement costs $1,800 and pays $450 to $735 commission, in a smaller population center of 147,000, a 12 month campaign runs $2,600 and pays $650 to $1,065 to the sales person.

Campaign directors earn income from retail sales of the ad campaigns, over rides on the group production developed through the ZooBaseCamp team builder training, campaign renewals and bonus pools. It appears recent changes deduct the cost of Google ads prior to calculating commissions.

AdzZoo LLC Advertising

It seems the early guarantees from AdzZoo LLC included promises of first page search engine placement, but the current guarantee covers only services provided, such as promising to develop a web page and submit with advertising.

Their reports tend to emphasize number of “impressions.” This means your online ad appeared on a search page, but does not mean that the person looking at the page noticed or acted upon your ad.

AdzZoo LLC Complaints

I checked with two different browsers at the time of this article, and the company site map was showing a “page not found on the system!” message. Customers receive a web page template with their information inserted, but do not receive independent domains. All web sites are sub domains of AdzZoo’s site.

There are many simple ways companies can improve their web presence that are not included with AdzZoo LLC advertising such as blogs (free – apart from the time needed for learning curve), Google Places (free), keyword research (free and paid methods), article marketing (free), videos (free), and GroupOn (paid), that can drive lots of additional targeted traffic.

One might ask “Who Has The Time Or Knowledge?” to implement Internet marketing on their own and the answer might be “Who Knows Your Business Better Than You Do?” It seems reasonable not to expect miracles from AdzZoo LLC, but spending money with them to put your ads online does put you in the active online playing field.


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