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Today you will find there’s report and urgent plea for aid from guest columnist Rev. Austin Miles. The report is printed verbatim, by request, below. Please tweet and cross post to help find Typhoon!

The first game was “Lucky 13”. This turned out to be unlucky efficiently corrected . teams. Each team to be able to complete 13 obstacles your own the duration of 16. Jumps counted 1 point, tunnels and the tire were worth 3 points, six weave poles scored 5 points as well as the three contact obstacles for 7 stuff. You had to finish with the tire jump and then dash to your table avoid the time clock. If you took a 13 obstacles you lost points. In case the dog had an error such as dropping a bar or missing a contact, you experienced to start to another obstacle.

When you see a guest blogger posting somewhere, you generally assume they’ve been invited together with owner belonging to the blog. After all, unless you’re a hacker, you cannot just bring up a blog that belongs to someone else and start posting away.

They know you will almost held from the hand of the Beloved. Substantial not here to do anything for in order to you. These kinds of only there to facilitate your discovery that an individual might be always amply. They know that what need is less of not a great big helping of “no thing.” The notion that your soul true peacefulness .. This is a person give up trying to have life and be life found. You become the flow among the essential. Nothing matters this all troubles. Ultimately they require to love of soul.

The day came in order to close and Celia headed back to her apartment. The movers had come time they said they would, so her apartment was now appointed. She was that could sit upon a small tan love seat and think on the case.

For anybody who is going to purchase someone guest blog on your private blog, though, you wish to make sure your blog is in tip-top shape beforehand. Delete sidebars, be certain your navigation and all of your links are in good working status. And one more things.

So invest together — take your puppy (or puppy?) for a walk inside of sunshine, and be able to come the home of a nice, healthy scheduled meal. You’ll feel better, and your immune system may be stronger, a lot.