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Nowadays, it’s very easy to earn a living without the need for a stressful corporate job. All it takes is a computer/laptop, a stable Internet connection, and of course, some patience and a little tech skills. One of the many ways people make dough outside the four walls of an office is through online work. And one perfect example of how you can generate passive income online is by creating your own website. Some people even make more money from their website than their stressful corporate jobs!

There are many platforms and tools that enable practically anyone (even your 80-your old grandmother or your 6-year old cousin) to create their own website from scratch. This is because these platforms are smart enough that you won’t even need to have some savvy programming skills to be able to make your website look good. All you need is some creativity when it comes to designing how your website looks and then these platforms will do the programming for you.

Among the most frequently used platforms, WordPress is the number one tool that’s being used worldwide across various niches. Small businesses such as restaurants, pet stores, and even sewage companies use WordPress to create their own website and use it to promote their range of products and services.

However, did you know that creating your own website can also help you generate a passive stream of income? This is through advertisements. Have you noticed how each website you visit has loads of advertisements all throughout the page – at the top, at the bottom, on the sides and in between the content? These are all advertisements related to what the website is all about and each time a visitor clicks any of these ads, the website owner will get some money from the advertiser.

Let me give you an illustration. Say for instance that you own a website about flowers and you are located in Los Angeles, California. A flower shop business in the area may put some advertisements about their business on your website and each time your site visitor clicks through this ad, you will be paid by the flower shop because essentially, you just led potential customers to their site. The more visitors who click on your ads, the bigger your earnings will be. The key then is to ensure that you post note-worthy content and be consistent with your niche.

Therefore, if you’ve got some free time with you, why waste it bumming around? Learn how to create websites with WordPress instead!


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