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Recently, I had a coworker who was a little disappointed when I told her that you can’t buy medifast in stores.  You have to order it on line.  “But I want to start today,” she replied. “I’ve made up my mind and I wanted to get started before I change it.”  This is understandable.  I experienced the exact same thing when I placed my first order.  Once you’ve made this decision, the excitement and anticipation takes over and you’ll want to get started right away.  In the following article, I’ll tell you how to place your medifast order so that you get your food quickly.

How Long Does It Take For My Medifast Order To Arrive?: From my experience, most times when you place an order, it is processed and shipped out that same day. But, you have a couple of different shipping options.  I’m going to use the 5 plus 1 monthly package as an example.  This is what most women will order.  It will basically give you around 145 meals.  Sometimes, the company even offers a few weeks of free food so that the box will be a little larger.   The shipping cost of the food is pretty reasonable when you consider how many meals it contains. The box will all of this food in it is usually seventeen pounds or more.  If  you chose regular shipping for this package, you’ll pay just over $4 for shipping.  This takes about 5 – 7 business days (in my experience, you can expect to receive your meals in about a week.)  If you chose expedited shipping, you’ll shave a few days off of this. I’ve gotten expedited shipping in as little as two days.

Always remember to enter your coupon code into the bottom of the order page before you check your shipping options.  There is a blank little box with the words “coupon code” right before you hit order.  You should always enter a code if you can.  There’s no reason to pay full price when you don’t need to.

Why I Think The Medifast Expedited Shipping Is The Way To Go (For Your First Order):  When you buy a monthly package, (or spend over $275), you qualify for 1/2 price shipping.  So, if you are anxious to get your order quickly, this is a really good deal and it will allow you to get your food while you’re still excited and enthusiastic.  For your next order, you can either do auto ship or just make a note to remind yourself to place your order at the end of the third week on the diet.  This will ensure that your second shipment arrives before you run out of food from your first order.  So, you’ll only have to pay the expedited fee once, and you’ll only be paying 1/2 price at that.

The Productive Things That You Can Do While You’re Waiting For Your Medifast Shipment:  Two days isn’t a long time to wait for your food, but you can get a lot of things done and in place while you are waiting. If you’re not ordering the health mate blender from the company (which I really recommend, it’s worth every penny), then make sure you have a high quality blender.  You will need one to get a nice creamy texture for your shakes and puddings.  You can also research and obtain recipes for your “lean and green meals.”  This is the main, larger meal that you prepare for yourself each day.  It consist of lean protein and veggies.  You can also check out recipes that allow you to use the company’s shakes, pudding, and oatmeal to make cookie bars, muffins, pancakes, and cakes.  This way, when your shipment arrives, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


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