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This is a comparison with the three top online backup services. Although they are all good and replace the traditional ways of backing up your data by storing your data on a professional server. Why do people choose to do this? The answer for many is an extra insurance. The data is backed up away from their home or business. So, in case there is a fire or vandalism, the information is still stored safely where it can be accessed. Many major companies are now using these backup services to store the data that helps run their companies on a daily basis.


Mozy is known for its ease of use and how straightforward the service is. To begin using Mozy all you have to do is visit their website and sign up. Once you have completed the registration process you will then download the software. Once you have downloaded the software the user then decides what files to be backed up. Once this process is completed then the user can decide when to backup at regular intervals.

The pricing for Mozy is very competitive. With tiered pricing, the price increases with the amount of storage that is needed. Looking for great discounts? Buying a 1 year or 2 year plan offers deep discounts. For those who wish to backup multiple computers, this can be done for just a couple of dollars a month.


Carbonite works just as many of the other plans do. Known for excellent service and pricing, Carbonite is very user-friendly. Just as with many of the other services the user signs up on the company website and downloads the software. Once the software is downloaded the user then allows Carbonite to run in the background. While running, the user data is then backed up.

One pro of Carbonite is their pricing. Users have been talking about the great pricing plans offered. The home data backup plan offers unlimited amounts of back up and costs about $60 a year. Carbonite also offers other plans that are a little more expensive with added features. Small business backup plans are also available at very affordable prices.


Crashplan is known as a favorite backup plan for many. Why the favorite? Because it is super easy to use, the software is easy to download and the features that are available. The cost of the programs that are available are pretty competitive in pricing to the others. The encryption level offered is 448-bit is exceptional. This level of encryption is better than what most financial institutions use. It doesn’t get much better as far as security is concerned. The backup software has proven to be excellent and very user-friendly.

Crashplan offers different pricing for the different amounts of storage and features which is considered to be very affordable. The Family Plan offers unlimited storage for two to ten computers with added features for under $15 a month. Super pricing and great security all the way around.

As you can see Mozy, Carbonite and Crashplan all have a lot to offer. By going to the website and trying each the user will be able to choose which fits the needs better.


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