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Filson has a long and illustrious history starting all the way back in 1897, when it was founded by C.C. Filson in Seattle Washington in the midst of the Klondike Gold Rush. A lot has happened since then, but one thing that has remained constant is Filson’s steadfast mission of making high quality products of unyielding integrity. This can best be seen in one of their newest offerings: the Filson Tin Cloth Original Briefcase. Filson’s newest briefcase is a new variation on one of Filson’s most popular bags, the Filson 256.

While the Filson 256, renamed the Original Briefcase, is a classic and dependable bag for everyday use, the Tin Cloth Original Briefcase is a welcome and exciting new addition to Filson’s line of bags & luggage. Made from 12.5 oz oil finish tin cloth and genuine bridle leather, the new briefcase is a very handsome and rugged briefcase that will work well in a number of different settings and environments. One of the biggest differences between the Original Briefcase and the Tin Cloth Briefcase is the use of Filson’s cloth tin fabric instead of their rugged twill cotton fabric. In my opinion, I like the look and feel of the new fabric better than the rugged twill fabric, although both materials are very sturdy and durable.

Thankfully, Filson has kept the same original briefcase style and function that many have come to love; simply offering a new and different version of their classic briefcase. Another difference is that the Tin Cloth Original Briefcase has been specifically described by Filson as being ideal for use in the field, or basically any outdoor environment or work setting. While Filson may be targeting people who work or play in the outdoors, the Tin Cloth Original Briefcase is still perfect and adept in any number of settings and uses. One plus is that the oil finish material used in the briefcase is extremely durable and sturdy; even water-repellent. Also, the briefcase is very stylish and handsome looking, another reason why you can use the briefcase in a more urban or city environment.

The Tin Cloth Original Briefcase has all the features one would expect from Filson: handsome bridle leather, solid brass components, multiple pockets and compartments. One feature I like is the removable shoulder strap made from nylon webbing, which gives it a more utilitarian and versatile look. Also, it comes in two different colors that are easy on the eye: Black and Tan. While the briefcase has two full length and two smaller interior pockets, as well as pockets on the outsides and ends, it is by no means a large briefcase bag. Having said that, I have found its interior and exterior space to be very sufficient.

Overall, I found the Tin Cloth Original Briefcase to be the perfect everyday briefcase for carrying around the essentials I need. I have used it for work and personal use, and have been very grateful for the briefcases water-repellent tin cloth material when it was raining outside. The Tin Cloth Original Briefcase retails for $295, which might seem like a lot, but it will last you a long time and is a great investment.


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